Preserving our wild spaces and rivers also preserves
the health of our economy and our communities.

Our campaigns to protect California's wild spaces:

Northwest California

Northwest CaliforniaStretching from Point Reyes to the Oregon border, this land of redwoods, fog, rain, salmon streams, rolling grasslands, and pounding surf is magical. CalWild is working protect up to 405,000 acres of wilderness and important wild rivers like the upper South Fork Trinity River, the Little South Fork Elk River, the Mattole River and its tributaries, and Olema Creek in the Point Reyes National Seashore.

Central Coast

Central CoastThe Central Coast Heritage Act is the product of years of discussion and negotiation, led by Representative Capps, involving business leaders, conservationists, elected officials, ranchers, mountain bikers, and other stakeholders interested in the use and well-being of these iconic lands. Included in the proposed legislation are iconic oak woodlands and chaparral-draped coastal mountains in the Los Padres National Forest and the awe-inspiring Channel Islands.


in the new Mojave, Sand to Snow, & Castle Mountains National Monuments

Latest News from CalWild:

Sequoia NF by Dup Crosson
Another Shot in the Southern Sierra?

This week, the Forest Service announced that it will release supplemental draft plans and an environmental impact report for the Sequoia and Sierra National Forests…

map by Ruth Nolan
Spring Superbloom in the Mecca Hills Wilderness

by Ruth Nolan It’s mid-March, 2017, the first year since 2010 that the rugged desert wilderness areas east of and adjacent to southern California’s heavily-populated…

By Transition 2017 -, CC BY 4.0,
Taking Stock of the Threat

The first month of the Trump Administration has been one for the record books. Many of us are already dizzy from the moving target that is…

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