Preserving our wild spaces and rivers also preserves
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Latest News from CalWild:

Executive Director’s Report, Oct 2019
Executive Director’s Report, Oct 2019 1024 692 California Wilderness Coalition

By Chris Morrill, Executive Director This month, CalWild planned to hold a board meeting in the Los Angeles region. We do our best to represent…

Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan Update
Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan Update 1024 512 California Wilderness Coalition

As you might recall, the Department of Interior published a Federal Register Notice in February 2018 that sought comments on its intent to amend the…

Willow Creek Petroglyphs Hike
Willow Creek Petroglyphs Hike 1024 683 California Wilderness Coalition

In the high desert of northeast California, Willow Creek has carved a scenic canyon through lava rimrock. From its source near Eagle Lake, Willow Creek…

Congress and the White House battle over the fate of salmon
Congress and the White House battle over the fate of salmon 815 566 California Wilderness Coalition

California’s salmon populations have plummeted over the past century thanks primarily to dam construction, water diversions, and pollution from mining, logging, road construction and excessive…

Our campaigns to protect California's wild spaces:

Central Coast

Central CoastThe Central Coast Heritage Protection Act is the product of years of discussion and negotiation, led by Representative Carbajal, involving business leaders, conservationists, elected officials, ranchers, mountain bikers, and other stakeholders interested in the use and well-being of these iconic lands. Included in the proposed legislation are iconic oak woodlands and chaparral-draped coastal mountains in the Los Padres National Forest and the Carrizo Plain National Monument.

Wild & Scenic Rivers

Wild & Scenic RiversMuch like our incredibly diverse landscapes, California’s wildest rivers range from the seasonal flows of the Amargosa River in the Mojave Desert to the mighty Klamath River watershed that cuts across northern California. CalWild has been involved in the protection of virtually every National Wild & Scenic River in California since 1984. With over 2,000 miles already designated, we’re aiming to grow that inventory to 6,000 miles by 2028.

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